Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Dutch Drum Kit

Heej Allemaal (Hey Everyone),

Hoe gaat het met jij (how are you going?) ... OK so there you go ... your first lesson in Dutch.

I'm feeling very blog inspired and lots of good things are happening in my life at the moment so I am keeping the blogs coming thick and fast. Well ... I have been blessed beyond my imagination. Niko and Nynke have generously given me a drumkit as a birthday and moving out present to share with Lau. WHAT A BLESSING!!!

As you can see in the pictures below its an awesome Pearl Forum kit and it has been kept in great condition. Lau and I have already integrated it into the studio and I've already played hours on it (i hope the neighbours aren't sick of me yet).

So ... there you go ... A drumk kit!! I am still on shock. Thanks Nico and Nynke!!

Until next time


Niko, Nynke, Myself and the new Kit

The Kit

The Kit

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