Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chrissy Pics

Christmas in Holland

A bit of a video compilation of Christmas time in Holland

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Got an awesome job

Hey Everyone,

Wow ... It's been a while since I updated this thing! Hope you are all doing well!

Well I'm doing great, I've finally completed the last thing I needed to achieve to settle in a bit here in Holland. Last Wednesday I started my new job at DLA Piper. It's really an awesome job, DLA Piper are a really big international law firm and the office in Amsterdam (where I work) is the head office for IT support for Western Europe.

I work with a heap of great dutch people and a few people from England (my manager being one of them). I'm really enjoying myself and love every aspect of the work accept the travel. Hollands traffic jams ('file' as they call them) are horrific. I travel only 61 Km to work but sometimes it can take me 2.5 hours to drive but on average it will take me 1 hour and 15 mins. It's a real shock to the system coming for Aus but I am adjusting.

Well everything else on all other fronts is going well! I'm adjusting to the very limited time I have left before and after work so I'm pretty much just living to work at the moment (which is good to get some money back in the bank).

Ok ... I'll sign it off here i can smell my pizza burning.

Keep smiling

Matt W

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Dutch Drum Kit

Heej Allemaal (Hey Everyone),

Hoe gaat het met jij (how are you going?) ... OK so there you go ... your first lesson in Dutch.

I'm feeling very blog inspired and lots of good things are happening in my life at the moment so I am keeping the blogs coming thick and fast. Well ... I have been blessed beyond my imagination. Niko and Nynke have generously given me a drumkit as a birthday and moving out present to share with Lau. WHAT A BLESSING!!!

As you can see in the pictures below its an awesome Pearl Forum kit and it has been kept in great condition. Lau and I have already integrated it into the studio and I've already played hours on it (i hope the neighbours aren't sick of me yet).

So ... there you go ... A drumk kit!! I am still on shock. Thanks Nico and Nynke!!

Until next time


Niko, Nynke, Myself and the new Kit

The Kit

The Kit

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Delft to 's-Gravenzande

Hey Everyone,

It's been a little while since I've dropped a blog up here so today is the day. Hmmmm ... where to start?? Well alot is going on but perhaps the biggest things is that on the weekend I moved houses. I no longer live in the beautiful city of Delft but have moved to "Westlands" to a village called 's-Gravenzande.

's-Gravenzande is known for its greenhouses and agricultural lifestyle. So the atmosphere is quite different here, it's a slower pace of life and a little more spread out (largely due to all the greenhouses. It's a lovely place and I'm starting to feel at home already (just 2 days into it).

On other news I'm still searching for a job! It has been more difficult than I first thought largely due to the face that I can't speak enough Dutch. But God in his faithfulness has provided me with 2 great opportunities. The most positive of them is 1.5 hours drive away (it's a change from 10 mins back in Oz). I'm really desperate to get work as all my savings and money has been spent on purchasing a car and surviving for the past 2 months.

Any how, life on all other fronts is going really well. I'm enjoying sharing my life with my beautiful girlfriend Hester Post. I'm continually amazed at how wonderful of a women she is. I see God working in and through our relationship so much and that is such an awesome sight.

I've also picked up the sticks over here in Holland and am playing drums at church and for the youth band. I'm really enjoying being able to serve in the church over here and use the gifts and abilities God has given me (especially since it requires no knowledge of Dutch).

Well I miss you all ... Trust this blog finds you well.

Bless ya

Matt Walter

The view from my room in Delft

The view from my room in 's-Gravenzande

The view from my room in 's-Gravenzande

The canal outside my window

The house in 's-Gravenzande

The latest addition to my Car

What the ???

Matt & Lau and the new house

The boys at the new house

Drumming in Church

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

A beautiful young dutch lady ...

Hey Everyone,

I have some very special news to share with everyone! As some of you already know I met a beautiful young Dutch lady over 12 months ago in Australia. We really got on well on her visit to Australia but at that stage didn't didn't think there was any possibility of ever seeing each other again.

After finishing bible college I really was curious about where and what the beautiful young dutch lady was doing. I couldn't forget about the times I was with her (while she visited her brother at bible college) in Australia. So I decided to email her and find out how she was doing?

Well needless to say one email turned into many and then emails progressed into chats on MSN and chats on MSN progressed into video conversations. There were many late nights and early mornings for us both as we developed and grew a special friendship. We continually fought the 8 hours time difference but every minute was a worthy investment.

Emails, SMS, MSN & video chats fueled our friendship for 6 months in the lead up to my trip to Europe. July 20th at approximately 6 to 7 pm marks the time that we saw each other face to face (in real) for the frist time in almost 10 months. I remember being a little nervous and very excited about seeing her again. It was an amazing moment when we could actually speak in person.

The weeks to come was a great time for us to get to know each other more. As a group we saw the sights of Holland and enjoyed so many good times. Our friendship grew and grew as we enjoyed the pleasure of each others company more and more.

Since returning from a 3 week tour of western europe and returning to Holland our friendship has really taken big leaps and bounds. I feel like I have known this beautiful young lady for years and I can really relate to her in every level. I have never met someone with such a beautiful heart. She selflessly pours out love for people, touching the lives of people she comes into contact with each day.

I really love to be with her and watch her as she lives her life straight from her heart. I love the way she expresses herself through her heart and through her beautiful personality. I can honestly say that she captivated me with who she is.

Well I guess you want to meet her?? Well before I go on I'd love to introduce you to my best friend and girl friend ... Hester Post!!

In addition to all the great things I just described to you about who Hester is I'd love to share a few more things.

Hester is currently doing her final year of a Bachelor in Social Work. She works a part time job in a special facility for blind people with mental and physical disabilities. Hester works with a group of guys between the ages of 20 and 30 and provides care and support for them in every aspect of their life.

When she is not studying and working Hester sings and play flute for church and many youth events. Hanging out with her friends and family, baking, dancing, taking walks in the park, journaling and having LOTS of fun are just a few of her other favorite activities.

Wow ... it's really easy for me to keep going on but I am sure one day you will meet her for yourself. I wanted to let you guys know and share the joy with you. I really love Hester and am grateful for the God given opportunity I have to share life with such a great women. She is truly one of a kind ...

Well ... I better sign off this blog ... Until next time!!

See ya

Matt (and Hester)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures ....

Hey Folks,

Well ... I thought its about time for another BLOG. I must say I am not much of a blogger but it seems like such a great way to keep in touch with you all that I going to commit to this thing.

Ok ... So a lot of stuff has happened in the last two months and its almost impossible to put it all into blogs. But luckily Bevan captured most of the highlights on his camera. Some of you may already be aware that I have uploaded the choicest pics on facebook. For those of you who don't have a facebook account you can view the pics at the links below:

Euro Trip – Part 1

Euro Trip – Part 2

Euro Trip – Part 3 (Holland)

Euro Trip – Part 4 (Holland)

Euro Trip – Part 5 (Holland)

Euro Trip – Germany

Euro Trip – Austria

Euro Trip – Italy

Euro Trip – Switzerland

Euro Trip – France

Euro Trip – Luxembourg

Euro Trip – Coming back to Holland

I hope that you can get a small taste of what we experienced the past weeks in our many adventures. I also created a 2.5 hour long DVD of video footage I took from our trip. If you talk to Bevan and Mel (my brother in law and sister) you may be able to have a look.

Well on to some more recent news ... In the coming weeks I am moving from the beautiful city of Delft into the quiet farmlands of 's Gravenzande. Laurens has found a sweet little bachelor pad amongst the greenhouses of the "Westlands". So in about 3 weeks I'll be making the move.

Well people ... I better keep going. I have placed some more pics at the end of this blog for your enjoyment.

Bless ya

Matt Walter

Google Map of where I am moving from and to

Doing the dishes with Laurens in the new house

Lounge room of the new house

Man to man chat on the lounge in the new house

The early stages of Laurens's studio he is putting together in the new house

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A big hello from Holland ...

Hello Everybody,

Well ... As some of you know I am currently staying/living in Holland!! 6 Months ago I decided to see the world outside of Australia since I am young, single and free of major responsibilities. And so began the pilgrimage ... On July 19th 2008 Bevan, Mel and myself flew out of Australia to the Netherlands (via Tokyo Japan) to "see the world".

Since that time I've seen and done so much! The first 2 weeks of my time in Europe I spent staying with the Post family (family of a flatmate from bible college). They really looked after us and showed us the sights of Holland. We've seen everything from the beautiful windmills and open green paddocks to the dark dingy redlight district in Amsterdam (commonly refered to as sin city).

After two amazing weeks in Holland we set up on a 3 week racing tour of some of western europe in an amazing large camper van. The 3 weeks was so over whelming we saw Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. I still can't believe that I've been to all those countries but I have the photos, videos and memories to prove it.

After the 3 week tour we made our way back "home" to the Post's family. They once again showed us such love and generosity by caring and providing for us in every possible way. After a few days rest Bevan and Mel set off on their 3 week journey via Belgium and France to the UK. Meanwhile it was time for me to start looking for work and organise to stay 12 months in Holland.

It was amazing how God provided, the doors opened up for me to work with Matthijs Post (the brother of my flatmate Laurens). Matthijs owns/started a landscaping company a few months ago and needs help. So from Semptember 2008 I have officially become an "Hovenier" (Gardener/Landscaper in English). It's definately a change to fixing comptuers but I am enjoying being a bit more physical.

At present I am living with the Post family in Delft but in a few weeks will be moving out with Laurens to Naaldwijk (about 30 mins from Delft). I am looking forward to reliving the bible college days with Laurens and really getting into "life" in Holland. I am currently searching for a cheap/reliable little car and a job that will cover the cost of living independently.

Wow ... There is so much else to tell but I think I will save some things for the coming blogs. I must apologise for being so quiet since being over here. I had previously attempted to do some blogs on my website (which you can check out) but found it too difficult to capture it all in detail (i would still be writing).

I will attach a few pictures to the end of this blog to hopefully give you a snippet of some of the things I've seen and done.

I hope this blog finds you all well ...

Doei Doei (Bye Bye)

Matt Walter

Flying out of Aus at Brisbane Airport

Overnight stop in Japan

Canal in Delft, Holland

Gondala ride in Venice, Italy

Riding a tandom bike at the Kinderdijk, Holland

The camper van we hired for our trip around Western Europe

My new ride I found in Germany

Innsbruck, Austria

Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

Florence City, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

16,500 Km away from Sydney Australia

Holland Style

"Public" toilets in Ede, Holland

Lunch at Kinderdijk, Holland

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Freaking out on the German/France border

Joungfraujoch (Top of Europe), Switzerland

Interlarken, Switzerland

Some small village, Switzerland