Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Delft to 's-Gravenzande

Hey Everyone,

It's been a little while since I've dropped a blog up here so today is the day. Hmmmm ... where to start?? Well alot is going on but perhaps the biggest things is that on the weekend I moved houses. I no longer live in the beautiful city of Delft but have moved to "Westlands" to a village called 's-Gravenzande.

's-Gravenzande is known for its greenhouses and agricultural lifestyle. So the atmosphere is quite different here, it's a slower pace of life and a little more spread out (largely due to all the greenhouses. It's a lovely place and I'm starting to feel at home already (just 2 days into it).

On other news I'm still searching for a job! It has been more difficult than I first thought largely due to the face that I can't speak enough Dutch. But God in his faithfulness has provided me with 2 great opportunities. The most positive of them is 1.5 hours drive away (it's a change from 10 mins back in Oz). I'm really desperate to get work as all my savings and money has been spent on purchasing a car and surviving for the past 2 months.

Any how, life on all other fronts is going really well. I'm enjoying sharing my life with my beautiful girlfriend Hester Post. I'm continually amazed at how wonderful of a women she is. I see God working in and through our relationship so much and that is such an awesome sight.

I've also picked up the sticks over here in Holland and am playing drums at church and for the youth band. I'm really enjoying being able to serve in the church over here and use the gifts and abilities God has given me (especially since it requires no knowledge of Dutch).

Well I miss you all ... Trust this blog finds you well.

Bless ya

Matt Walter

The view from my room in Delft

The view from my room in 's-Gravenzande

The view from my room in 's-Gravenzande

The canal outside my window

The house in 's-Gravenzande

The latest addition to my Car

What the ???

Matt & Lau and the new house

The boys at the new house

Drumming in Church

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  1. Great new digs! My sentiments exactly on the last photo you posted... What the?!?! Praying for more work opportunities for you.