Friday, October 3, 2008

A beautiful young dutch lady ...

Hey Everyone,

I have some very special news to share with everyone! As some of you already know I met a beautiful young Dutch lady over 12 months ago in Australia. We really got on well on her visit to Australia but at that stage didn't didn't think there was any possibility of ever seeing each other again.

After finishing bible college I really was curious about where and what the beautiful young dutch lady was doing. I couldn't forget about the times I was with her (while she visited her brother at bible college) in Australia. So I decided to email her and find out how she was doing?

Well needless to say one email turned into many and then emails progressed into chats on MSN and chats on MSN progressed into video conversations. There were many late nights and early mornings for us both as we developed and grew a special friendship. We continually fought the 8 hours time difference but every minute was a worthy investment.

Emails, SMS, MSN & video chats fueled our friendship for 6 months in the lead up to my trip to Europe. July 20th at approximately 6 to 7 pm marks the time that we saw each other face to face (in real) for the frist time in almost 10 months. I remember being a little nervous and very excited about seeing her again. It was an amazing moment when we could actually speak in person.

The weeks to come was a great time for us to get to know each other more. As a group we saw the sights of Holland and enjoyed so many good times. Our friendship grew and grew as we enjoyed the pleasure of each others company more and more.

Since returning from a 3 week tour of western europe and returning to Holland our friendship has really taken big leaps and bounds. I feel like I have known this beautiful young lady for years and I can really relate to her in every level. I have never met someone with such a beautiful heart. She selflessly pours out love for people, touching the lives of people she comes into contact with each day.

I really love to be with her and watch her as she lives her life straight from her heart. I love the way she expresses herself through her heart and through her beautiful personality. I can honestly say that she captivated me with who she is.

Well I guess you want to meet her?? Well before I go on I'd love to introduce you to my best friend and girl friend ... Hester Post!!

In addition to all the great things I just described to you about who Hester is I'd love to share a few more things.

Hester is currently doing her final year of a Bachelor in Social Work. She works a part time job in a special facility for blind people with mental and physical disabilities. Hester works with a group of guys between the ages of 20 and 30 and provides care and support for them in every aspect of their life.

When she is not studying and working Hester sings and play flute for church and many youth events. Hanging out with her friends and family, baking, dancing, taking walks in the park, journaling and having LOTS of fun are just a few of her other favorite activities.

Wow ... it's really easy for me to keep going on but I am sure one day you will meet her for yourself. I wanted to let you guys know and share the joy with you. I really love Hester and am grateful for the God given opportunity I have to share life with such a great women. She is truly one of a kind ...

Well ... I better sign off this blog ... Until next time!!

See ya

Matt (and Hester)


  1. Oh Mattness! I am so excited! That is such wonderful news. You are a top bloke and you deserve an amazing, spectacular chicky. Oh I am such a clucky thing. (blame it on the pregnancy hormones)... Thank you so much for telling me all about your adventures in your email. I am so glad we are still in contact, I have known you forever! Anyhoo, I am just thrilled that God has blessed you with such a great girl. Treat her well and love her lots. Till next time, God Bless ya hugely! xoxo

  2. PS, she is so beautiful!

    Hi Hester!