Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

G'day All

I have some very exciting news ... Yesterday I asked Hester to marry me and she said YES ... Yipeeeee. We are now officially engaged!!!

I told her that we were going to centre of Delft (Hester's hometown) to have dinner with a friend of mine. I also convinced her that we take pictures through the centre of Delft to show my friends and family the city she was born in.

Well the weather yesterday was not good, we had storms in the morning and crazy wind and rain all day. I was carefully watching the rain clouds as we enjoyed a "Booster Juice" and Apple Flap (kind of an apple pie). I saw thick black clouds approaching so I "suggested" that we go into the market square to take pictures of the church and town hall.

We got into the market square and I was getting her to pose infront of the different buildings as I took pictures. I suggested to her that we take a picture infront of the Church together and she agreed. This is where the action happens!!!

Instead of pushing the 10 second timer on my camera I put it on VIDEO and pressed record. I ran beside her and pretended to pose for the 10 second timer. Immediately Hester noticed that the timer light wasn't flashing. I tried to convince her that it was and still kept posing for the "PICTURE".

Well after a few seconds I dropped to my knees and took her hands. She said to me "What are you doing, get up" and tried to pull me back to my feet. I said "I am serious now" and then I proposed to her. Well of course ... she was shocked!! She looked around, laughed and then finally said "YES ... of course I will marry you"!!

The rest is history ... we laughed and cuddled and kissed and laughed and cuddled and laughed again. It was so amazing!!! After that we went out for a romantic dinner at an Italian resturant before Hester's parents joined us to celebrate in the city with drinks at a cafe.

It was such an amazing day and I am so glad that I can be engaged to my best friend and soulmate ... my fiancée

Check out the video and pictures below!!

Thank you everyone for your kind congratulations and well wishes.



The Proposal caught on Cam

Me Popping the question

A cuddle on a Delft Blue Pottery Seat

Hester with the Delft coat of arms

The Church which was the backdrop to my proposal

The City Hall

The ring I used for the proposal (we are getting a real one)

Celebrating with Hester's Parents later that night

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  1. Dude, you have me in tears. Aaaah, so romantic and sweet. You are so blessed to have each other. I remember when we caught up at a Hillsong conference years ago, I told you I was dating a fantastic guy and I knew we would be married one day. You said to me that you were waiting to meet your wife, and couldn't wait to be with the one you would spend your life with. Well you have done it and she is amazing. It is crazy how thrilled I feel, I haven't seen you in years and never even met the lovely Hester. I pray the most awesome blessings over you guys and your relationship. Yay Matty!