Friday, June 5, 2009

Aussie meets Dutchie

Almost 2 years ago a beautiful young Dutch girl (called Hester) ventured "Down Under" to visit her brother who was studying in Australia. As it happens that brother was my house mate as I was sharing a house with 4 Europeans (2 Dutch, a German and an Italian). Hester and I shared an amazing "click" in the 4 weeks that she was there but because of the circumstances and distance we never thought anything of it.

6 Months later I never forget that beautiful Dutch girl and the click we shared. I decided to email and Skype her and see what she was doing. Things went well and I decided I wanted to see what life was like off the big island (AKA Australia).

I worked hard and saved my Aussie dollars for another 6 months before I packed up my things and headed to Europe in July 08. I was looking forward to experiencing "culture" and "history" but was also keen to see the beautiful young Dutch girl.

Anyway to cut a long story short things went well and after being in Europe for 2 months we started an amazing relationship. I decided to stay in Holland for a full 12 months to experience her culture and enjoy our relationship without a 16,000 km distance between us. Soon after I decided that she is definately worth moving to Holland for so I decided to settle down a bit and get a job with the intentions of staying longer (possibly forever).

Well almost 1 year later plans have changed a little. Hester and I still share an amazing relationship but she is just finishing her bachelor of social work. After that she wants to come to Australia and experience life "Down Under" and see where I come from. So we are taking a 10 month trip to Australia to meet family, experience Aussie culture and see what life is like in Aus for us.

May next year we plan on returning to Holland for her brothers wedding. By this time we might also decided which country we want to settle down in (Australia or Holland). So the distant future is uncertain (where we will live) but we are living and enjoying each day as it comes.

Experiencing Dutch culture and meeting Hester has changed my life. I've learnt so much from the Dutch and have enjoyed 12 months here. I have so many stories and experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

If you told me over 2 years ago that I would meet a Dutch girl, fall in love and live in Holland for 1 year I would have laughed. But 2 years later I can't imagine it any other way. Who would have thought my best friend and soul mate would be born and live in Holland.

Anways ... This is getting really long and a bit too intimate for a blog :p

I've met some amazing people and made some great friends here in Holland. I hope to stay in touch in the months ahead. Keep an eye on this blog for more details of our adventure in Australia.

Keep on smiling ... See ya

Matt Walter


  1. That is awesome dude. I am so stoked for you and your Dutch girl and thrilled that things are going so nicely :)

  2. Dude, was great working with ya over the last couple of months. Good luck for the future for the both of you. See ya in a few months? Still have to do the "kroegentocht" . . . .

  3. Thanks for the comment Matt. two have a sweet story :) Hope I get to meet you both in Aus someday! Take care and be blessed friend!! ~Michele