Monday, April 6, 2009

I.T. day out for Work

Howdy Strangers,Sorry its been quite some time since I updated you all.

Well life is continuing to roll along here in Holland. The LOOOOONG winter is finally starting to end and the signs of spring are upon us. We've had our first week of sunshine since ... since ... well a LONG time. It was BEAUTIFUL. The temperature is starting to climb back into double digits in the max although the minimum is still 4-6 degrees.Anyways to more important matters!!

Recently the company I work for had an I.T. day out. I'm sure you are thinking we played chess or did something really geeky but you'd be wrong. Work organised an afternoon out at a driving course called "Traffic Control".

All us petrolheads got a chance to let loose on some pretty cool pieces of machinery. For me it was great because it is my only chance to drive here again in Holland as the government refuses to recognise my Australian drivers license after 6 months of driving on Dutch roads.Anyway ... check out the pics and videos of our day out.

I hope to put another update up soon about some of my future plans.

Stay tuned.



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